The English Language Will Betray You (If You Let It)

The Misfortune Of Knowing

A Quote_Peruse from Merriam WebsterHave you ever passed by a “No Trespassing Without Permission” sign on someone’s private property and felt the urge to take out an enormous red pen and cross out “without permission”? Of course, it would be vandalism, in addition to trespass, to enter the person’s property and cross the words out. It would also be a futile effort to rid the world of redundancies and other grammatical errors.

Such grammatical errors bothered Richard Lederer enough to write a couple of books about it, including Crazy English. Published two decades ago, this book is a humorous account of the grammatical aberrations and errors that make English an interesting — and sometimes frustrating — language to read, write, and speak.

The way Lederer highlights English’s craziness makes portions of the book reminiscent of the way Dr. Seuss played with words in such books as One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue…

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